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"Salazar Fine Tuning has kept our keyboard instruments sounding great. From tuning to bar repair on new or vintage instruments the service and quality have been wonderful."
John R. Beck
UNC School of the Arts
Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Marimba bars     

We tune Marimbas, Xylophones, Vibraphones and Orchestra Bells of all ages, manufacturers, and Tuning Standards.

We offer Complete Instrument Restoration as well as the select Repair and Refinishing of Individual Components (Keyboards, Frames, and Resonators), assuring your instrument will look as beautiful as it sounds.

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Contact us today. We're happy to answer any questions and interested to discuss your Mallet Percussion needs.

Mallet Keyboard Tuning
Marimba, Xylophone, Vibraphone and Orchestra Bells $60 per octave

Vintage Instrument Restoration

Leedy 992 Xylophone Restoration

Contact us today to receive a free estimate for your Marimba, Xylophone, Vibraphone or Orchestra Bells Restoration Project!

View our Gallery of Restoration Projects.

Individual Component Repair
Marimba and Xylophone Bars (for cracked or damaged)
$10 - $30 per bar
Frames, Key-Beds & Bar Rails Contact us for estimate
Resonators Contact us for estimate
Tips for safely shipping your instrument

Instrument Component Refinishing
Marimba and Xylophone Keyboards (Rosewood) $150 per octave (includes Tuning)
Synthetic Keyboards $155 per octave (includes Tuning)
Nickel, Gold and Brass Plating Contact us for estimate
Anodizing Contact us for estimate
Wood and Metal Frames Contact us for estimate
Resonators Contact us for estimate

Deagan King George Marimba emblem

Marimba and Xylophone Replacement Bars

Custom crafted from our large inventory of hand-selected Premium Aged Honduras Rosewood.

Great care and attention are taken to match the Sustain, Tone, Wood Grain and Finish of your original bars.

Bar Range Rosewood Padouk
- -

Manufacturer Synthetic Marimba and Xylophone Replacement Bars and Keyboards available: call for prices
Custom and Manufacturer Vibraphone Replacement Bars and Keyboards available: call for prices
Need help? See our guide to common keyboard ranges

Custom Marimba and Xylophone Keyboards (For existing Frame and Resonators)

Custom crafted to your artistic and aesthetic preferences from our specially selected inventory of Premium Aged Honduras Rosewood.

Contact us today to discuss your Dream Keyboard options.

Concert Marimba Keyboards
Range Rosewood
5.0 (C2-C7)
$5795 - $8295
4.6 (E2-C7)
$5135 - $7385
4.3 (A2-C7)
$4375 - $6375
call for other ranges and Educational Keyboard prices

Concert Xylophone Keyboards
Specially selected “Vertical Grain” Honduras Rosewood
Range Rosewood
4.0 (C4-C8)
3.5 (F4-C8)
call for other ranges
Need help? See our guide to common keyboard ranges

Custom Glockenspiel Replacement Cases

Glockenspiel Case Custom Orchestra Bells Case

Beautiful Hardwood Cases custom designed to maximize your Bells ring time and sound projection.

*** We offer complete Plating and Tuning Services for your Glockenspiel Bars. ***

Contact us today for prices.

Instrument Parts and Accessories
Contact us for prices regarding: Marimba, Xylophone and Vibraphone Bar Cord, Bar Posts, Bar Post Insulators, Grommets and Cord Springs, Vibraphone Damper Felt, as well as other Parts and Components for your Keyboard Percussion Instruments.

Prices subject to change without notice. California residents add 8.5% sales tax for non-service items.

When you are preparing to ship, read our tips for safely shipping your instrument.

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